Monday, April 23, 2012

Project De-Clutter

Here is the picture of my new de-cluttered beverage named by me last night when I told my husband to remove his lap top from my beverage station.  He was amused. 
This small little counter space used to house our dog's food, biscuits, water cup, medicines as well as recyling piles and anything else I could jam on there.  It was always a mess!  All those things now have a new home this is dedicated to the espresso machine and electric tea kettle.  It also holds flour, sugar, tea and espresso coffee pods as well as a cookie jar :).  I love it.  When a counter top is organized and de-cluttered it has such a calming effect on me.. Ok yes I may be a bit over the top about this but piles of junk drive me nuts!   On to the next project.   

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