Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Dinner house smells so good right now.  It is  my turn to make Sunday dinner this week.  My siblings and I take turns each Sunday hosting dinner.  It used to be something my mother did every Sunday before she passed.  Since them we have been alternating amongt ourselves to keep up the tradition not only for us and our father but for our children.  Sometimes that is the only day our kids get to see and play with each other.  I think it is so important for the cousins to stay close.  My cousins were a big part of my life growing up and I'd like to have that for my daughter as well.

I'm trying out a few new recipes today.  A brisket which I saw Michael Symon make on the Chew and home made baked beans which I found on  If they come out good (which it smells like they will), I will list the recipes and hopefully remember to take pictures.

The aroma has made my husband happy as a lark... is that the right saying?  What does it even mean?

...........speaking of recipes, here are two cookbooks I just ordered.  I can't wait to try out the recipes.  I love Anne Burrell!  I've made a few of her things from her tv show on food network and they've all been delicious!!!   I've been dying to get her cook book and can't wait for it to arrive.   Michael Symon is my new favorite.  Today is the first time I'm making one of his recipes but I've been watching him on The Chew (when I get a when Maddy is napping), and all of his recipes look scrumptious!


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