Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mercury Candle Holders

Lately I'm totally into vintage looking mercury candle holders.  I just bought these from Pottery Barn

and I LOVE THEM.   Here's what they look like in my dining room. photography isn't as good.  And yes the drapes are also from PB.  Please disregard my candles... they are a little narrower width than I needed.  Haven't had a chance to go out and get bigger ones.  The PB website said they were for 3" diameter candles but clearly that is too small. 

I'm now thinking about getting these to add to a side table or maybe on the mantle in the living room??    Super cute.   I love the mismatched styles.   If I do use on the mantle I'll have to get those battery operated flameless candles since the television is above the mantle.  I'm not a super-fan of them but they do come in handy when I do want it to look like I have lit candles on the mantle.        
Shabby Cottage Chic Mercury Glass Votive Set Silver

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