Thursday, May 3, 2012


Today Maddy is actually taking a nap; hooray! She usually doesn’t on days we go to Gymboree but today must be my lucky day! I decided to check on-line for Sleeping Beauty clip art as I have been looking for pictures to use to make garland from for her birthday. I found a website that gave me just what I need …here is the link

I was able to copy and paste into word for playing around with later (once I go buy ink for the printer). Anyway I was also able to cut and paste the image into power point to make this super cute invite. It’s not done as I may need to tweak the date and time…since it is quite a ways away but I think this is the general idea of what I’m going to go with.
Cute right? I need to tweak the alignment too but I think they came out cute and can’t wait to finalize and have printed. I hope she still like Aurora in a few months.

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